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What are the Documents Required for Logo Registration?

logo registration in Chennai

A logo registration is a carefully picking and extraordinary image that addresses the validity of a company or its items and its administrations in the target market. Accordingly, the logo is an elegant and incredible representative of the company in the particular local, national or international markets. Thusly, creating the right logo at the national or international level and enlisting the right logo is unquestionably a delicate and fantastic cycle.

The most secure and profitable national and overall organizations. There is especially helpful information about asking for our administrations for complete and overall logo registration gave. Especially Logo Registration India. Presently our great and completely responsive logo registration administrations are profoundly value in many nations of the world. To work together in unfamiliar locales around the world, recently created logo trips in various business areas are register under treaties like the Agreement, the Bern Show, the Madrid Convention and the European People group Trademark. This is our finished trademark and ability for the flawless execution of all logo registration in Chennai measures under the globally perceived trademark.

Reports Needed for Logo Registration

Following reports are need for Logo registration in Chennai

  • Duplicate of trademark or logo
  • Name, address, nationality and details of the applicant for the organization of the state of establishment
  • Specifications of labor and products to enlist
  • In the event that a trademark is utilized prior to applying, indicate the date

The applicant should sign a Force of Attorney

Logo registration

A logo is usually a graphic-cum-literary image or image used to recognize a company from all different companies with clear purview. In addition to filling in as a particular factor, the logo can also clarify the company’s goals and vision. In this way, logo registration in Coimbatore characterizes logo unquestionably a vital intellectual property. A trademark, then again, is anything literary or graphic or a combination of the two, which recognizes a company’s item from other companies’ items in a given market.

Manual for the determination of company logos or item trademarks, regardless of business/occupation

Plan of the chose logo or trademark or administration mark in logo registration in Whitefield

Free trademark search for logo registration in Chennai to check the total uniqueness of the proposed logo or trademark. Our professionals are well in the search with the expectation of complimentary logos for trade marking in any field.

Trademark encroachment analysis and necessary changes to make it extraordinary.

Logo registration in Bangalore needs the record application for registration of proposed logo or trademark with relevant zonal trademark trade charge of India (Form TM-1)

Dealing with trademark resistance cases and directing trademark procedures for full and quick registration.

Importance of Logo Registration

It gives the sole right to utilize the logo regarding the products recorded in the merchandise or logo registration in Chennai.

For an organization and its brands, the logo plays an important part in the identification cycle, and it ought to be safe and secure enough inside and out. In the event that you trade your company with a famous brand logo or name, it should be obtained legally with trademark registration, else it could be taken. Thusly, it is always prescribed to shield your brand name from trademarks.

Enrolling a brand logo or name as a trademark will guarantee that clients perceive your brand easily and rapidly. So this way the audience can perceive your brand because the trademark separates it. Individuals are bound to trust a brand that has a logo or name trademark.

The main advantage of trademarks is that they stay with us for eternity. Today a couple hundred years have passed from famous and reputable brands.

Example of Logo Registration

Example – an automobile industry “Mercedes” which enrolled its name in the year 1900.

So it is a decent and safe idea to enroll your brand logo as a trademark to sustain it for an all-encompassing time frame. Logo registration in Chennai will enhance your brand’s reputation in the market; it mirrors your professionalism in your brand image. Trademarks have always been known to establish affiliate and target client trust in the brand by embedding the brand’s uplifting tones into an individual’s psyche.

Logo Registration in Chennai

Imagine as much exertion as you started your business, and then, at that point for the cash, exertion and opportunity you will concoct an alternate, beautiful and smart brand logo. As your brand turns out to be more recognizable and your income increases, your opposition gets aware of your endeavours to imitate you.

After a little while, you’ll sued by the same companies that duplicated you however guaranteed to trademark it. Here the lawsuit says, your brand logo configuration appears as though your rival’s logo plan. The restricting company states that the plan of your logo registration in Chennai appears to be similar to theirs, originally planned by you. As such, it leads to shopper disarray, loss of brand certainty and loss of income.

You will then, at that point have to pay a powerful fine and return to the drawing board to totally remake your brand. In this, all the cycles you will lose your loyal clients, and presently the local news is talking about you because the business has a tarnished reputation now you have to pay a major fine and return to start and revamp.


To get a trademark, or not to get a trademark, is an inquiry that always befuddles individuals at an early stage of the business. Yet, on the off chance that you are considering expanding your business. Logo registration in Chennai is important, on the off chance that you are a visionary personality or you are planning to gain an international audience in the following not many years. Trade marking your logo registration in Chennai configuration ought to be a need. The logo appears as though a beautiful graphic, yet to get to this level, a ton is plan. The logo ought to be workable, scalable, responsive and transferable, which can be sewed, imprinted in black, white and utilized on the packaging. It ought to behave of significant recall value with simply a glance, straightforward, clean and distracting free.