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About Us

Solubilis carry out Logo Registration in all over India offering wide range of services. Our well renown trademark lawyers offer wide variety of services to Indian people and Indian entities including Barcode registration, Design registration, ISO Certification, company secretarial service, etc. Occurrence of Legal objection scenarios and opposition issues will be encountered legally by Solubilis. Solubilis is poised to uphold business ethicality of creativity which leads to logo identity and aggressively voices to safeguard all business registrations from the theft of intellectual property. You can readily contact our prestigious and responsible law firm in Chennai district. We insolently reveal that Solubilis own 9 years of corporate enhancement involvement and we consider the customers as our valuable assets due to their unending support. We offer you a wide variety of corporate law services at national level.

Our main Features

Here are some features that boost's a businessman to register the logo as their trademark.

Free Advertisement

When you start advertising your product with the registered trademark commercially, the logo technically falls in the eyes of the law. But the automation and the universal trademark law has geographical limitation and certainly problematic to implement.

Cyber Squatting

It is an act of obtaining counterfeit trademark registration for identical or similar trade mark. In order to create illegitimate capital, cyber squatters sell the domain to the persons who holds a trademark.

Tenacious (strongest) Trademark or Logo

The point of logo registration is to be categorized and be distinctive from others. The tenacious trademark tends to be extravagant. Generic words or logos cannot be trademarked.

Looking for LLP Registration?

Don’t worry. We Solubilis are here to raise the throttle of your business. Our team always keeps the simplicity to handle the tricky customers at less in cost.

Get LLP Registration in 10 days

We Solubilis are always diminishing the time for registration. Because we have experts team support to make the registration within 10 days.

Looking for an excellent business solution ?

Get a free consultation on Logo registration and business setup in Chennai by scheduling an appointment with us or contact us directly.