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How do i register my logo ?

Logo Registration in Chennai

The Logo registration – Brand security and Logo assurance is one of the intellectual property rights. Subsequently Logo registration in Chennai suggests that both the logo and the brand get enrolled. Allow us to find exhaustively about registration about these three important components namely Logo (logo and brand). The application for registration of Logo will be made in Forms, TM-1, TM-2 TM-22, TM-37, TM-45, TM-51, TM-52, TM-53, TM-61, TM-64, TM-65, TM-66 and TM-68, as gave in Timetables of the Trade Marks Rules, 2002. The application can moreover be marked by the operator of the candidate. A solitary application can similarly be made for various classes of merchandise or administrations associated with any one class from a show nation. A solitary application can similarly be made for arrangement Logos.


The Logo registration in Chennai needs the accompanying archives.

  • Duplicate of the Logo
  • Applicant’s name
  • Applicant’s address and nationality
  • Portrayal of labour and products addressed by the mark.
  • Notice of Logo class under which the Logo has to be enrolled.
  • In case agent is included the force of attorney ought to be signed.(Form 48)
  • In case of company the Logo registration in Chennai needs,
  • Partnership deed
  • LLP agreement deed
  • Certificate of incorporation
  • Address evidence of the company (gas charge, power charge, water bill)

In the event that the enrolled address location is on lease, lease agreement, NOC from the landlord.

These above said records are needed for the Logo registration in Coimbatore for its registration.

Steps of Logo Registration in Chennai

Logo Registration in Chennai

Logo search

A Logo search is an audit of various data, including brand name databases, and now and then business and commercial focus assets, regularly proposed to choose if a particular logo registration in Chennai is accessible for (an) utilization without danger of encroachment of the advantages of an earlier customer or registrant, and (b) enlistment, alluding to the principles for Logo under neighbourhood laws.

Logo recording

At the point when it is found that the proposed brand name doesn’t battle with some other brand names accessible at the Vault, a Logo application is recorded at the Logo Registration in Chennai. As of now the Logo application can be appealed to for more than one class of merchandise in one application. An application with need rights will be recorded inside a half year from the date of starting award of the enlistment utilization of the engraving in another nation.

Logo examination

The Trade Marks Vault will at that guide take a gander at the engraving toward guarantee it meets the necessities for enlistment in India. Assessment as of now happens around 8-10 months resulting to recording the application, nevertheless, it is conceivable to demand a facilitated assessment by paying additional administration charges.


Typically the accompanying individual contradicts the registration of Logo. The owner of an earlier Logo application covering a similar Logo for comparable items. An individual who has used the similar Logo going before the client, yet who have not searched for registration of the Logo.


From the date of ad in the Trade Marks Journal, at that point the Logo registration in Bangalore declaration will issue. At the point when enrolled Logo will be legitimate for quite a while starting there it may be re-established for an additional 10 years after paying the necessary expenses.

The logo is an agent visual picture which portrays the brand. It is contained images, shades, plans, structures, shapes, words, marks, 3-D signs, numbers, pictures, used either all alone or in blends – that is exceptional to a business or an organization. A logo may in like manner be known as a logo registration.

The records needed for the logo registration in Chennai

For individuals the delicate duplicate of the logo, name, and address of the applicant. In case of the company, the certificate of incorporation, authorization form, logo, shading and sound ought to be submitted.

Registration interaction

The logo registration in Chennai demands the candidate ought to do a Logo search to guarantee that the logo to be held is special and one of a kind, and doesn’t encroach on the plan of a momentum logo. It should similarly not be comparative enough in plan or shading to be mistaken for any current logo.

Documenting of the Form TM-1

Each such design would contain only a solitary application. Brand name in two classes (for example divisions) – assume Persistent Shoes and Persevering Hardware, similarly as an alternate logo for each, you would make four applications. Clearly, if there ought to be an event of the logos, you would have to similarly to give an image of it in the JPEG plan.


The record will be examined and the complaint is invited. Assuming no Logo complaint is attained, the registration certificate is given.

Logo reinforces the estimation of your image in the mind of the purchaser regardless of whether you separation yourself from the customers. The Logo registration in Chennai of an organization ingrains sentiments in the brain of the customers once they use the things or administrations. A brand name can either speak to a particular thing/administration or corporate personality.


The delicate duplicate of the logo, its related plan, name and address details of the applicant. In case a company is applying means, the agreement deed duplicates among the partners, the enlisted location of the workplace address, in case in the event that it is on lease take the NOC and lease deed of the land ruler. Portrayal of the help or the item ought to be referenced.


It is important to check the brand name search. It is the as a matter of first importance step. The following stage is to record the Logo. Then, at that point it is trailed by the examination report and it welcomes the complaint. Then it is distributed in the journal. It is against assuming there is no more restrictions, finally the registration is finished.