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Logo designing is a representation of a business that is carried out by Solubilis Logo registration process in our Chennai-"The Detroit of Asia" . Before dispatching the logo out into the world, a businessman should consider the protection and the trade strategy behind it by the appropriate usage of trademark law. The logo design speaks about the brand in the market rather than a marketer.

Logo Representation : A logo is a connectivity of the product or the service which takes any shapes. The logo ownership arises when the trademark is used for product or service in commerce. Limitation of a brand leads to loss of customer confidence. Similar usage of trademark by other companies refers to infringement which is a punishable offense. "The logo will become a trademark only when it is displayed on labels, packages or the product itself and especially the public recognition behind the sequence of colour and contour".

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Process of Logo Registration

Logo vacancy possibility search

We should create a suitably appropriate trademark or logo before searching for availability.

TM-1& 48 form filing

Application used for registration of a TM for goods or services. TM 48 Form is for the purpose of authorization of an agent or general power of attorney.

Approval to use symbol ™

Once the TM is registered through logo registration process with the Indian TM office, the tm symbol or the r symbol can be used for any kinds of goods or services.

Issuing examination report

The examination report is issued to the TM applicant with either no objection report or objection report.

Ads in trademark journal

After the generation of examination report of the trademark, the trademark is advertised as journal and visible to public.

Trademark Registration

The business professional can proudly print their own trademark in their trade goods or trade services without any fear of infringement.

Our main Features

Here are some features that boost's a businessman to register the logo as their trademark.

Free Advertisement

When you start advertising your product with the registered trademark commercially, the logo technically falls in the eyes of the law. But the automation and the universal trademark law has geographical limitation and certainly problematic to implement.

Cyber Squatting

It is an act of obtaining counterfeit trademark registration for identical or similar trade mark. In order to create illegitimate capital, cyber squatters sell the domain to the persons who holds a trademark.

Tenacious (strongest) Trademark or Logo

The point of logo registration is to be categorized and be distinctive from others. The tenacious trademark tends to be extravagant. Generic words or logos cannot be trademarked.

Documents Required

  • Complete name, nationality of the trademark applicant and nature of the business.
  • Partner's detail if it is a partnership firm.
  • Signed copy of power of attorney by the applicant.
  • Power of attorney signed copy by the Director/ legal representative of the company if it is a corporate body.
  • Endorsed copy of the application which is for preference that has to be filed in a period of 3 months from the registered date.
  • Registered logo or trademark in JPEG format.
  • Exact meaningful mark.
  • Date of first use of service or trade mark.
The Formalities chk pass status denotes the fundamental stage in the trademark registry website. If the basic requirements and appropriations are met, then the status is represented as "Formalities chk pass". Non filing of POA and pending of raised applications shows the status as "Formalities chk fail".
When the trademark is advertised or published in the trade mark journal, the above two status will be displayed in the portal. One of the concluding stage in the trademark registration process is advertised before acc or Accepted and Advertised.
Generally there are three types of trademarks and they are namely Ordinary, Collective, Certification and Sound marks.
This trademark indicates the quality and characteristics of a certain product to show variation between other product and traders.
A logo or a trademark should be renewed every 10 years.

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