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How can I register my logo in Chennai?

Logo Registration in Chennai

The Logo Registration in India was established in 1940 and is currently governed by the Logo Act, 1999 and its rules to protect the misuse of logos. The Logos Registry provides resources, facilitates information centres and regulates all logo matters in Pan India. The purpose of the Logo Act, 1999 is to ensure that logos are registered in the country and that registered logos for goods and services are protected. This also helps prevent original logo owners from fraudulent use of their logos. The main function of the logo registry is to register logos that are eligible for registration under existing logos and their amended laws and regulations. Visual symbols, such as word combinations, names, devices, labels, digits, or combinations of colours used by a business owner for goods or services or other articles of commerce, distinguish them from other similar goods or services starting from different businesses.

Anyonecan be an individual, company, proprietary or legal entity claiming to own a logo. The logo registration in Chennai can file in a few days and you can start using the “TM” symbol. And the time required for a logo registry to complete formalities is 8 to 24 months. Once your logo is register and a certificate of registration will issue, you can use Registration next to your logo. Once register the logo is valid for 10 years from the date of filing, which may renew from time to time.

Importance for logo registration

Nowadays, with the advent of technological advancement, logo registration can easily be made online. You can get the help of a registered logo attorney to file online without trying to visit the registry office fee.

Vienna codification process– Logo Registration

In the logo process, the Vienna codification is a crucial step. It is an international classification that is given once you fill out the application form. At this point, Logo Registration in Egmore application for registration will indicate as – “Sent for Vienna Codification.”

Logo examination

After submitting a logo application for Vienna classification, the logo will examine by a logo officer in accordance with certain guidelines and procedures. The officer may accept or reject the application at his discretion.

Hearing before logo register / officer

If the logo application is denied, the applicant may go for a hearing. The application will pass if the officer can confirm from the documents provided. If the officer is not convince, the application is once again denied. If he is not fully sure of the reason for the rejection, then the Intellectual Property Appeal Board can be contacted.

Procedure for logo registration:

Logo Registration

Although the logo registration in T.nagar process is simple, it is recommend to hire an expert logo lawyer for the registration process to make it easier and more reliable.

Step 1: Search for the logo

The applicant must be careful when choosing their logo. Then, there are already many types of logo available, once a logo is select, it is necessary to do a public search on the logo database that is available with the logo registry to make sure that the logo is unique and that there are no other logo Similar to them.

Logo registration in tambaram search reveals all types of logo that are already available in the market, register or unregistered. The search further reveals whether there is competition for the same logo in the applicable logo.

Step 2: To file a logo application

The application for depends entirely on the goods and services to which the business relates, either in a single class or in a multi-class.

The registration application form is TM-A which can be filed either online either through the official IP India website or physically on the Logo Office Fee, which is subject to logo jurisdiction.

The application for logo registration in perampur should be supported with multiple documents with full details of the logo for which registration has been requested. Moreover, if the applicant claims a previous use in the logo, then the user’s affidavit must support the use with proof of its use.

Step 3: Examination of logo application by government authority

After filing the logo application, a mandatory examination report issue by the examiner after a detailed examination of the logo application in accordance with the guidelines of the Logo Act, 2016.

The examination report by the Authority may or may not disclose certain objections, which may be complete, relevant or procedural. The report of this examination is issue by the Logo Authority within 30 days of filing the registration application.

 It is necessary to submit the answer to the report of the examination within a period of 10 days, which has arguments and evidence against any objection to be waived.

Step 4: After the exam

After filing the answer to the examination report, the examiner (Logo Authority) may appoint a hearing if they are not fully satisfy with the answer submit or if the objections are not satisfy. After this hearing, the examiner may accept the mark and then forward the application for publication in the journal or reject the above application if any objection still persists.

Step 5: Announce the logo

Once the application for registration accept, the logo is advertise and also published in the Journal of Logo for a period of 4 months. The purpose behind the publication and advertisement is to invite the general public to protest against the registration of the sign.

The Logo Journal is available on the official registry website which is update every Monday of the week.

 Step 6: Opposition from the general public

Post an advertisement and publication of a logo in a journal, any attacker may file a notice of protest against the registration of the advertised / published logo. This notice of opposition to the logo must file by Form TM-O within 4 months of the publication of the mark in the Logo Journal. If there is an objection or objection to the logo application in Logo registration in Solinganallur, the due process of law must be follow in which the logo can be registered along with the submission of counter-statement application, evidence as well as hearing.

Step 7: Register the logo

The final step towards the whole process is the registration where the application proceeds towards registration after winning the objection and / or objection against the registration of the registered logo. In addition, if there is no objection to logo registration during the months of advertisement / publication period, then the logo is given a certificate of auto-generate registration during a period of 1 week. Once the logo registration in bangalore complete, it is valid for a period of 10 years, after which it will need to be renewed during the prescribed period.

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