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Logo Registration in Chennai – T Nagar | Why Is It Important?

logo Registration in chennai

Logo Registration is very necessary to register it. But, before you start the registration process, it is very important to know its uniqueness. The logo is a mirror to the products or services you want to market, so it should always be relative. Trademark logo search is a tool that does not change the scale, position or background. It compares different logos and provides similar results. Creating a logo is a great way to establish your company identity. If you created one, you want to get a trademark to protect your rights. Doing it right is very difficult and it is not that easy.

The tool helps to find every business

If there are any similar logos.

If the design is copied.

The uniqueness of the shape.

Visually similar trademarks‌ especially in the case of objection.

Why is logo search important?

Logo Registration

To protect the brand, it is very important to make sure that the logo you want to register is different and not taken by anyone. This protects you from violating anyone’s rights and prevents you from entering the registration process. Logo Search through logo registration in Adayar allows you to search in a vast database of different logos, which are already applied under different classes. It is necessary to conduct a logo search so as to avoid not to get caught up in an objection, objection, or infringement case.

Trademark Filing in Chennai


After the search report is generated, an application for registration is made. The application should be in the manner prescribed by the government and should be filed along with the required government fee. This application can be filed online. An application must have the following mandatory details for logo registration in Chennai T.Nagar:

  1. Logo / symbol / tagline or symbol
  2. Owner Name & Address (Person / Company / Organization)
  3. Trademark classification

After the application is filling, the registry will issue an official receipt with the date of filing and the number assigned to the application. Although the formal process of trademark registration in India takes 18-24 months, the priority of the application assign according to this receipt number. Furthermore, the applicant can start using the TM symbol when they receive this application number.

Vienna Code Classification

Logo registration in Chennai T.Nagar requires Vienna Codification which was established by the Vienna Convention (1973). It is an international classification of the decorative elements of marks. The next step after filing the Vienna Code Classification Application. At this stage, the registrar applies the Vienna classification to the trademark based on the decorative elements of the mark. You can understand that your application is at this stage when the status of your application is shown as “Sent for Vienna Codification”.


This is the next step after the Vienna codification. Upon completion of the Vienna codification, the application will reach the designated Trademark Officer (TO)’s desk. The TO reserves the right to accept the application and send it to the next stage or to raise objections. TO reviews the application and gives the test report for this purpose.

If the TO objects to the application, the applicant may appear before him and submit his request. If satisfied with the TO representation, he approves the application and sends it to the next step. I think he not satisfy, he will not pass the application. The applicant still has the right to appeal to the Intellectual Property Appeals Board against this objection.

Journal Publication

This is the next step after the application in logo registration in Kodambakkam. It is approving by the TO, in which the proposed trademark will be published in the trademark journal. The trademark magazine is publishing every week. Once this mark is published in the journal, people are more likely to object if there are significant reasons. The third-party must file a trademark objection within 3 months from the date of publication of the trademark.

If the mark objects to, an inquiry will be held by the Trademark Hearing Officer. Both parties will be giving fair representation to submit their cases at this hearing. After hearing both parties and based on the evidence, the hearing officer will give his verdict. This decision may be an appeal to the Intellectual Property Appellate Board.

Trademark Registration

If there are no objections within 4 months from the date of publication in the Trademarks Journal, the Trademark Registration Certificate will be issued. The registered trademark has validity for a period of 10 years from the date of application. Logo registration in Egmore will be renewed indefinitely once every 10 years until the renewal fee is paid.

Benefits of logo registration

There are many ways you can obtain legal rights to a logo adopting by your company, but they are not creating equally. The easiest way to get rights is to start using your logo. This is a very risky option as it is your expensive choice and you only have rights to the geographical area where you use your logo. Anyone can use it elsewhere and you can’t stop them.

You can register a trademark for your logo with the Secretary of State in the state where you use the logo. Doing so protects your rights within that state, so the logo can be used by others in other states. To protect your logo and ensure that no one else uses it, you should watch your company trademark. There are specializing lawyers and organizations that handle this type of intensive work. They constantly check that your logo is not using by anyone else or that they are trying very similar trademark logos and if anyone does, they will send a termination and termination letter. Logo registration in Bangalore is a must for any business. But it is a technical and complex process for which almost everyone needs legal help. Take the necessary steps to protect your company logo today.

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